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The Spirit ( A psychological novelette)

My Debut

Psychological novelette portraying how ultimately good wins over evil


April 2020

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In psychology there are two schools of thoughts - one stating man as basically good and the other as bad. Whatever may be the truth of the thoughts, I think it is better not to categorize humanity as good or bad. I feel 'it is only as it is' as the greatest truth , The God wanted it to be perhaps as a combination of goodness and badness. However, there has to be an upper hand of rightness over badness. Otherwise the society can disintegrate into chaos and confusion, the history teaches us.
I suppose there is a fight in our consciousness between the evil spirit and the holy spirit. The conscience- our best friend guides us to goodness and the ego- our worst enemy drags us to badness. Most of us are pleasure seeking, vulnerable human beings tempted by temporary pleasures trying to get enjoyment by different methods - alcohol consumption being one among them. I have selected alcoholism as particularly the theme of this book because studies have shown that character of a person is drastically changed under the influence of liquor giving him license to do bad things.
The paradox of the matter is, even though alcohol is consumed for happiness and well being, ultimately health and wealth, our precious pillars of wellness - capsize, endangering the existence of life. I also noticed the aftermath of addictions amongst my close connections.
My limited experiments and study with the spirit form the foundation of this book even though imagination has exaggerated the storyline to an extent.
Main characters in this story are a husband and wife, an olive tree representing health and goodness, a snake representing evil and finally a dove that stands for peace. The story covers a day in the couple's lives revealing the psychosomatic problems of the husband and his constant fight against the evil spirit.

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