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The Spirit

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The Spirit - A fascinating read 

Alcoholism is a scourge for the alcoholic person and their families and friends. All alcoholics commit irrational things out of fear and guilt fighting over their inner demons lurking inside. In the novel, David captures the challenges in a very absorbing way. He takes us further episode by episode describing them, attributed to the evil spirit. The final chapter describes the triumph of the holy spirit symbolizing victory.
Good luck to Davy
 for his future novels!  Can't wait to read his new efforts
Ayyappan, California

Thrilling till the end

I started reading it soon after it was delivered from Amazon and finished it within an hour as it was I was so thrilled to read till the end. Honestly it is very well written and gives a very good message to those who are addicted to alcohol. The book gives hopes to all concerned even while their death bells ring. Very appealing really. Keep on writing more and we would love to read your books.
- Dr. Jayashree, Rtd. Professor , CUSAT

Heartwarming and philosophical

There are no words to describe the book, Spirit. It was an experience of reading a great author. There is a great message in this story on the realities of life showing conflicts of good and evil within a person. I enjoyed reading the opinions of a good philosopher.

- Appukkuttan, Kollam

Taking Notes

"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau


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